1. What's Ma6bkhy.com?

Ma6bkhy.com is the first Kuwaiti dedicated website for the homemade food business owners to display and sell their products through the site where their customers allows constant communication with them throughout the year. We offer a quick and easy way to connect customers with their favorite chefs. Ma6bbkhy.com site is designed in a unique way to be joyful, easy and user friendly and it doesn't take more than a few press into your keyboard to search for your favorite chef or dish.


2. What is the role of Ma6bkhy.com?

We simply the receive your order  made by your and send it to the kitchen or the chef through a computer or any appropriate communication tool and we confirm the readiness of the kitchen to deliver your order in the desired time and place. With this you do not have to deal with the hassles of the order, and we will follow up and coordinate the request and make sure from your receipt of your order on time.

3. What are the fees to use the services Ma6bkhy.com?

There is no fee to use our site as a visitor and you can enjoy browsing and ordering through our site without any extra charges.

4. How do I request through Ma6bkhy.com?

1. Simply, follow these instructions:
A. At first, you must be a registered user of Ma6bkhy.com Click here on "Join as a User".

B. Find your favorite dishes through our easy "order by" categories  and select dishes from the desired image.

C. Select the image and you can easily click on Order
D. Check the box that pops up to your choice and add to cart number that you like next in the box. Go to the left top of the page and click on  the Shopping Cart to review your order
E. Ensure accuracy of all information and then press the "Order" to complete your request. Your request will be routed to the kitchen immediately. We will contact your mobile phone number for the purposes of confirmation.

 5. How can I sell my food in ma6bkhy.com ?

  1. Simply, register with us in " Join as a Partner (Chef)" and we will take care of the rest.
  2. We will verify your details and then activate your account to allow you uploads the pictures of your dishes.
  3. Finally, these pictures will be also checked for their qualities and shall be approved once the admin is satisfied.
  4. In all actions the chef will be notified for all actions of this process.
  5. Once the chef is approved, you can start gaining MONEY

6. Can I submit multiple orders ?

Yes you can.


7. What is the method of payment through Ma6bkhy.com?

After order confirmation through our site, order will be delivered to you and you can pay once your receive the order. (Cash on Delivery).

 8. Can I apply for late delivery?

Yes you can. It all depends on the policy of each Kitchen or chef.

9. Can I register multiple addresses in my account?

Yes. You can have more than one address and location. eg. (Home, Work, Dewaniya)

10. Once I ordered, what is the time required for receipt of order?

It depends on the policy of the kitchen, and also depends on your far your house is to the kitchen and the readiness of each kitchen. Due to the nature of our work with the business owners of homemade food and to the different circumstances of each kitchen, and based on the traffic and congestion on the roads it is common to have mistakes, some errors and delays. However, This site will seek to make all the contributions and effort to minimize these flaws by setting clear and effective procedures and great follow up system to ensure our customer satisfaction.

11. I have just ordered but I'm not sure if you have already receive the order or not. What do I do?

You should receive a confirmation e-mail along with a phone call. Or you can also contact us on +965-67773211 to inquire on the status of your order.

12. I was not happy with my request? Who should I contact?

If you have any complaint about your order, you can let us know by contacting the communications center on No. +965-67773211 or you can send an email to customerservice@Ma6bkhy.com and the customer service team we have to deal with and respond to you.

13. Can I cancel my order? (Succumbing to the policy limit, for example, late orderss, missing items, wrong items and delays in the connection)
Yes, you can cancel your order within10 minutes of submitting your order. Please note that you cannot cancel your order after that due to the possibility of implementing your request on the part of the kitchen. In the case of delay in your order for more than one hour and 30 minutes, you can cancel your order.


14. How can I make my final opinion on my last order ?

If your order does not match what you wanted or if there is any missing items, you can call the communications center +965-67773211 and our customer service will take care of your complaint by sending it  to the business owner of homemade food, and we will notify you accordingly.